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EMERGING NEEDS AND RESPONSE TO IP LAW TEACHING AND TRAINING: SOME OBSERVATION AND EXPERIENCES IN VIETNAM Pham Duy Nghia ( Draft paper provided for WIPO) Historical background Emerging from an agricultural nation, dominated by Confucianism, the traditional Vietnam and its people, though rich at customary tradition, professional experiences, know how and secrets, did not know IP law and law teaching as have they developed for centuries in the West [ [2] ]. The reception of Western IP Law into Vietnam only occurred during the period of colonization. French ruler declared the application of their civil and commercial law, including the Law on Patent of French dated June 23, 1893 and others IP law and regulation in French territories and protectorates [ [3] ]. Much later, as the reception of Western commercial and IP law, the law teaching for Vietnamese nationals could only started in the early of 20th century. Following primary law courses as provided in the Ecole de Droit et d’Admini