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Drafting the Law on Arbitration

LAW ON ARBITRATION IN VIETNAM: DEVELOPMENT AND ISSUES Pham Duy Nghia [1] 1. Introduction 2. Development of the law on arbitration in Vietnam: A retrospective review 3. Evaluation of Arbitration Ordinance 2003: Achievement and shortcomings 4. Controversial issues and options in Draft Law on Arbitration 5. Conclusion I. Introduction Vietnam’s Law on Arbitration is currently in the drafting process. If approved by the National Assembly in the meeting session in fall 2009, the draft law possibly will take into force in the second half of 2010. According to the lawmaking tradition in Vietnam, a drafting board comprising of 07 members is established. The members are high-ranging officials, including vice-ministers of the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, the vice-chief judge of the Supreme Court, the vice-chairman of the Vietnam Chamber or Commerce and Industry, chairman and vice-chairman of the Vietnam Lawyer Association [ [2]